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This website is a collaborative effort. New improvements in the design of the Virtual Mall make it possible for participating IBDE students to have greater control over how their products and information are presented in the pages of VirtualMall.ca. The Virtual Mall will truely become what they make of it.

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Using the Website

Welcome, and thank you for using the Virtual Mall. We would like our visitors and our store owners to think of VirtualMall.ca as a great resource. The entire website has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Whether you are a visitor or a store owner, we hope that you find your use of the VirtualMall.ca website to be a pleasant experience.


For visitors there is the option to search from any page they surf to. Additionally, there is a browse page, from which, there are options to find webstores using the category finder or the webstore directory, browse the artisan index, or seach the product catalogue.

Visitors will also find featured artisans and products, great gift ideas, and more.

Store Owners

For store owners the Virtual Mall now offers the opportunity for complete control over information about your webstore, its artisans or product/service producers, and any or all of its products. Once a registered store owner has their account activated, they can immediately add information about their webstore to our database. Then, as soon as the webstore is approved by VirtualMall.ca Administration, store owners can then add detailed information about their artisans and products. After the webstore is approved, any and all information a store owner added can also be removed or changed.

We hope that these new features will help to make the Virtual Mall a better experience for store owners, and also make it a great resource for mall visitors.

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Website Requirements

Netscape 4, or higher, is supported; Internet Explorer 6 (or higher), or Mozilla Firefox 1.x (or higher) are recommended.

The only real requirement for accessing this website is a modern web browser. some features may make use of Javascript which can be blocked by your browser. Make sure your browser will allow javascript if you encounter problems.

Some features of this website may require cookies. Setting a color contrast, text-size, or typeface from the homepage requires that a cookie be set for each to remember your preferences. If you delete your cookies, you will loose any preferences you may have set. Cookies on this website do not contain any personally identifiable information and do not pose a security risk.

Website Features

The VirtualMall.ca Website acts as a portal to the webstores/websites, artisans, and products/services we feature. There are several methods a vistor can use to browse the contents of this website:

Search from the Main Menu
Using the search function in the main menu, a visitor can retrieve information about webstores relating to their search term or phrase and links which go directly to the webstore itself.
Browse using Various Options
By selecting the browse option from the main menu a visitor can easily access various tools to find the information they are looking for. From this page in the VirtualMall.ca website, a vistor to the mall can find webstores using the Category finder or Webstore Directory, they can find artisans using the Artisan Index, or they can find products using the Product Catalogue.

Other features visitors will appreciate are the quick categories and latest webstore features on the VirtualMall.ca Homepage.

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Accessibility was a major consideration in the construction of this website. Every effort has been made to meet web accessibility standards and though this website makes no statement of conformance, these standards helped guide the entire design process. Aside from experienced user testing, automated testing for accessibility included both Bobby and Cythia testing systems.

Technical Stuff

The database and coding techniques used in designing this website are known as XHTML (used to structure a web document), CSS (used to define the style of a web site), and PHP (used give web documents database functionality).

Design Credit

Jacob Tilgner - Is responsible for this re-design of the original Virtual Mall.ca Website. For more information about how the website was constructed, please refer to the "Technical Stuff" section on this page.

Photography Credit

Photos Currently Used in the Site Header:

  • Matt Skallerud - Totem Pole
  • Patti Adair - Parliament Buildings
  • Kenn Kiser - Canada Geese
  • Sander Schop- Banff Mountain
  • Jason Boutsayaphat- CN Tower
  • Rob Blissett- Canadian Flag
  • Taylor Harris- Polar Bear

Other Photography

Other photographic works are the property of their respective store owners or artisans, or other third parties which the aforementioned may be professionally involved with.

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